Scale Building Energy Efficiency

Evaluate opportunities with rapid energy models for deeper savings in less time and at a lower cost

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Closed-Loop Commercial Efficiency

Dynamically target buildings, engage customers, convert projects, and track opportunities to achieve goals

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Drive Revenue Up and Costs Down

Touch more buildings and develop more projects with remote energy assessments, rapid energy audits, and ongoing tracking

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Savings Potential


Savings Potential


Savings Potential


Poor lighting and plug load controls:

Conduct a comprehensive audit

Simultaneous heating & cooling
and sub-optimal start/stop times:

Target with retro-commissioning program

Upgraded boiler and pumps
Optimized controls

  • Savings: $15,406
  • Payback: 3.2 Years
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Why Retroficiency?

why-retro-thumbnail-smWhat if, with a click of a button, we could evaluate energy efficiency opportunities at scale? We can.  Learn more | Play Video

The Building Genome Project Arrives in Boston

SpotlightThe Building Genome Project Arrives in Boston


Retroficiency's identified nearly $50 million in energy savings in Boston across 16,800+ buildings. Check out the infographic here.

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