Building Efficiency Intelligence Platform

Retroficiency’s Building Efficiency Intelligence (BEI) software platform drives deep building energy efficiency savings rapidly, cost effectively, and at scale. BEI enables utilities and large energy service providers to address the full efficiency lifecycle.

Target the best buildings for energy savings. BEI remotely analyzes large portfolios of buildings in minutes to focus resources and efforts on the highest potential buildings — either by total savings or for a specific efficiency program.

Engage customers with customized energy efficiency opportunities for each building. BEI’s recommendations include operational and retrofit improvements to investigate and secure interest in the right efficiency opportunities at the right time.

Convert energy assessments into real projects that maximize savings. BEI helps standardize and streamline the energy audit process from scoping to performing Level I, II, or III audits. It comprehensively evaluates thousands of energy conservation measures to generate recommendations and offers for products and services for each customer.

Track new efficiency opportunities and verify savings. BEI monitors and verifies energy savings from implemented measures and dynamically retargets and re-engages customers as technologies, incentives, and building conditions evolve over time.

BEI analyzes either interval consumption data or building asset data to create a living energy model of each building. With a Model of Every Building, utilities and energy service providers can leverage the best available data on each customer to rapidly and accurately evaluate all buildings and types of efficiency opportunities at any time.

BEI’s three solutions can be used together to support the entire process or separately to address a particular area.