Virtual Energy Assessment

Retroficiency’s Virtual Energy Assessment (VEA) rapidly prioritizes buildings by energy savings potential and identifies operational and retrofit opportunities in minutes, without ever going on-site.

By targeting building candidates that maximize savings and engaging them with specific recommendations for improvements, VEA enables utilities and energy service providers to increase participation in commercial energy efficiency programs and services.

    Rank buildings within a portfolio by total energy savings for targeting or end-use savings to plan for specific utility programs

    View and sort the ranking in $, kilowatt hours, or carbon dioxide emissions

    Breaks down a building’s whole energy consumption into its end uses for every hour of every day

    Generates a demand map when interval consumption data is provided to represent consumption intensity throughout the year

    Crunches tens of thousands of data points to assess building performance, including how it responds to weather, seasons, and other factors throughout the year

    Identifies operational and capital issues within a building such as excessive lighting use and poor HVAC controls

    Provides energy conservation indicators — recommendations for efficiency opportunities, including savings potential and payback timeframe estimates

    No Touch Portfolio Rankings to Efficiency Recommendations: VEA Key Features

    • Analyzes buildings remotely using either monthly consumption data or interval consumption data
    • Generates a unique energy model on the fly for each building, which determines how the building currently consumes energy by its end uses
    • Compares the current consumption to how the building could perform with energy-efficient operations and systems
    • Delivers insights across multiple channels such as a white-labeled Web portal, email, or print

    VEA is an energy analytics solution that is part of Retroficiency’s Building Efficiency Intelligence platform.